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Ana Paula Mizzetti is a Brazilian model of Italian/Native South-America ethnicity. ​She was born on the island of Vitoria, Espirito Santo, Brazil where she lived with her parents, grandmother, two older brothers and her younger sister.


​Ana began her modeling career when she chose to enroll in an etiquette & modeling course in lieu of having a 15th birthday party, the so-called Cinderella party in Brazil; there she learned all she needed to build a solid career as a model; the course helped her to understand the fashion environment and how to benefit from it in a healthy way.


​Ana won the Miss Espirito Santo contest in 1998. Unfortunately, her parents did not allow her to advance and participate in the Miss Brazil contest due to their financial situation and because education was their top priority; they decided Ana would only travel after finishing school.


​With her education completed, Ana's parents allowed her to pursue her modeling career in Sao Paulo. However, she was only there for a short period of time due to the immediate impact she had on the international modeling scouts.


​Ana's fashion career was mainly centered in the famous French-luxurious fashion industry.


​In 2000, Ana returned to Vitoria to receive the prestigious Agulha de Ouro (Gold Needle) Award as best female model. She also represented Brazil in the Miss World contest pageant that took place in Turkey.


To date, Ana has worked for renowned clients Lorea'l, YSL, Dior, Christian Lacroix, Galleries Lafayette, Vogue, and many others

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