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This is the best hair mask I have used on my hair for damage & dryness. It has left my hair soooo soft & smells fabulous!!

All product choices in my blog are my own personal choices !

Beauty is intricately tied to truth.

🙏🏻 Namaste

Keratin Hair Mask & Intensive Treatment

I looooooove this product!

I have been quarantine for 3 months because of the Covid-19, I basically don't go out of the house, haven't seeing my hairdresser at all and my hair was bad, but when I say bad I am being gentle with my words .... it was really bad, very tangled, and super dry. So I finally decided to get this product that I saved in my cart for several months and.... OMG best decision I ever made related to my hair.

The Keratin Hair Mask & Intensive Treatment instantly made a drastic improvement just on the first use. My hair became soft and felt so light without freeze right after using it and without mention the mask has an incredible smell, (#soft #shine #silky ).

I usually keep a timer on my phone to make sure I use the mask for 10 minutes to get all the benefit possible, but you can leave it longer... is up to you girl...friend.

I decide that I am going to keep this on auto order so I never run out of it. I've tried a hundred hair masks that promise to moisturize, heal and protect dry, damaged, processed hair, but few can actually deliver on that promise... This one actually DOES!

Please try and let me know what you think.

Ps: If you make a purchase asap you may get a sticker on your jar that gives you a coupon so you can get a free mask

and follow the step...

Please enter your Amazon order ID below. We need it to find your order. Our promotion is limited to one per household.

And you will get your free mask at the same address you provided on your first purchase.


The reason why I recommend this product :

- Repairs extra dry & damaged hair

- Frizz free

- Ideal for daily use

- Not tested on animals

- 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

- $$

- Ana Paula Mizzetti

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